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Engagement Ceremony - Ring That Binds Two Soul

There's no better representation of beauty than a bride who unabashedly, unapologetically, and unequivocally is herself in her engagement ceremony. That's the beauty you'll never forget once you see yourself in classic bold nine yards from our wedding lookbook - with your own eyes.

Mehandi Ceremony - The Colour Of Love

As a 2023 bride, experiment and blend eclectic colours & classic craftsmanship seamlessly, which makes our saree look book one of a kind. Their resplendent green and pink hues, glorious designs & chic patterns make each ensemble incredibly unique and gorgeous for your Mehendi ceremony! 

Sangeet Ceremony - Celebration of Dance, Music and Togetherness

Something ivory, something blue, something sparkly and something absolutely dreamy. Stunning hues of blue, cream, lavender and pink surrounded with magnificence - will make you stand out in your sangeet ceremony such that no one can take their eyes off your breathtaking look.

Tilak Sagan Ceremony - Beginning of a New Chapter

The lavender, peach, pink and green hued nine-yard classics from our bridal look book in your Tilak Sagan ceremony will add a touch of splendid fusion and international appeal to an ethnic wear, making each moment a stand-alone memory.
Haldi Ceremony - Get Ready To Get Your Glow On!

In 2023, the blend of yellow with red and pink will be the most opted choice for today's ever-changing brides haldi ceremony. Known for our exquisitely crafted, classic nine-yard couture, and opulent silk saree lookbook, our haldi ceremony sarees exude a sense of luxury with concise aesthetics that appeal to the contemporary generation.

Roka Ceremony - Where Tradition Meets Fun, Love And Laughter

Eclectic, and beautiful details, now that is our kind of Roka ceremony. An intricate pattern detailed and a perfectly draped saree is perfect to complete your look!

Vidaai - Say Hello To Happily Ever After

There is something about a traditional bride that is timeless and extrudes vintage charm. The opulence, and the quintessential classic red, maroon and purple from our saree lookbook on your big day will never get old. Absolutely stunning!