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    Men's kurta

    Beautiful Beginnings

    Thought to have originated even before the Mughal era, the kurta is an ethnic essential for men. The tunic has been worn by all classes of people throughout history, with royals enhancing their garments with detailed coats and top layers.


    Fine Fabrics

    Made of fine quality pure Cotton, these kurtas are form-fitting and give you mobility and easy movements while making you look perfect for the occasion.


    Redefining Features

    Cotton is lightweight, and perfect for hot and humid days. With high breathability and moisture-absorbent properties, the fabric is very gentle on the skin and keeps your body cool.




    For special occasions, add a turban with a kurta. You can also accessorise with bracelets, pendants or stone rings. 


    Machine-wash on a gentle wash, avoid rough washing. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.


    Ideal for family gatherings, kurtas can be worn on a daily basis. They are perfect for religious occasions and festivals.