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    Beautiful Beginnings

    For centuries, the elusive Crepe was used in the West during times of grief. In the Indian subcontinent, it has been a symbol of wealth and finesse. Crepe is crafted with three fabric types, resulting in crisp yet ultra-soft weaves.


    Fine Fabrics

    It is smooth to the touch and has a deeply textured feel. Along with their scintillating designs, these sarees lend you an alluring look. Signature Crepe threads are intricately patterned, desirably delicate, and lightweight.


    Redefining Features

    With high stretchability and high moisture-wicking properties, they are perfect in matte colours and solid shades like white, being, grey or black. The threading and weaving pattern make Crepe an ideal material to flaunt.



    Pair with unique blouses, eyeglasses or belts for a show-stopping look. Goes well with modern jewellery.


    Wrap the Crepe with layers of butter paper, or protective layers of cloth to preserve the light fabric.


    Ideal for cosy get-togethers and casual parties. It can also be worn as sophisticated evening wear.