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Satin Silk Sarees - House of Vardha

Satin Silk Sarees


    Beautiful Beginnings

    Originating in the port city of Quanzhou, China – Satin is made from intricate and delicate strands of silk. Used mainly by upper-class families, this fabric was then highly popularised and exported to different parts of the world.


    Fine Fabrics

    Drape a Satin saree the next time you head out for an event and be sure to make some heads turn. Soft and shiny, this fabric is created using a specialised technique and includes many variations.


    Redefining Features

    Satin has a lustrous finish and can easily enhance your beauty. The fabric is soft which makes it easy for draping. Woven in a taut fashion, the material is durable and it is also wrinkle-resistant. 



    If you are wearing a plain Satin saree, pair it with an embroidered blouse. You can adorn gold or silver jewellery that goes with it.


    Wash by hand and do not put it in the dryer. Use a gentle detergent. Do not hang dry satin as it can lose its shape easily.


    Ideal for evening functions, this gorgeous saree can be worn at grand wedding ceremonies and other festive occasions.