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    Rich History

    Sensational and eye-catching, red is omnipresent in Indian mythology, spirituality, religion, and tradition. Goddesses Durga and Lakshmi are cloaked in powerful hues of red, encapsulating the sheer force of the divine feminine power Shakti.


    Special Occasion

    Red is a bold choice and red garments are donned for auspicious events. Brides are bedecked in captivating shades of red, adorning the festive hue to express their happiness, power fertility, divine femininity, and loyalty.


    Our Red Collection

    From sultry, silken sarees that are richly royal and mesmerising, and flowing Georgette in playful shades of red, to the bridal special Kanjeevaram - you will find our representation of red to be sophisticated, luxurious, and deeply traditional.