Cotton Linen

Cotton Linen


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    Beautiful Beginnings

    First cultivated in prehistoric times, around 3000 B.C, the Cotton fabric is a key part of the fashion evolution and has had an economic, cultural, and historic impact on countries and communities around the world.


    Fine Fabrics

    Elevate your style with smooth Cotton-linen sarees that wrap your body with luxurious and gorgeous detailing. Prized for its high breathability and high moisture-wicking properties, Cotton is perfect for hot and humid summers.

    Redefining Features        

    Cotton fabric flourishes with light pastel colours and subtle shades of white and beige. The Resham-threadwork sarees use less Zari, and are gentle on your skin. The fabric keeps you comfortable in humid conditions.



    Pair with leggings for a modern, sleek look, or opt for bold, monochrome blouses for a signature look.


    Avoid rough, machine-wash tumbles, and go for a gentle, cold hand wash. Store them away from direct sunlight.


    Suitable for morning or afternoon gatherings. They make a great daily wear outfit and can be worn for low-key events.