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Be stylish. Be #VardhaWise

We believe that when it comes to fashion, a wise woman doesn’t need trends. She needs someone who understands her and compliments her style. At Vardha, we are proud to be a companion to the wise, stylish woman through our unmatched range of traditional and ethnic sarees.

We are a business run by men – yes, you heard it right. Vardha was born to walk beside women, who seek to know more, through our experience of sarees. And who better than an understanding and respectful man to be the perfect complement to a beautiful, wise woman.


Draped differently, Vardha is a ‘Made in India’ brand that is the brainchild of two childhood friends who come from business families,
with a passion for real quality and shared wisdom.

While Shivam holds a Btech degree in Mechatronics,Manav has a diploma in CivilEngineering. Together, they synergise their expertise in their respective fields to build a brand that weaves modern concepts into the traditional saree-selling business.
With a rich family legacy of textile owners and manufacturers, we are a third-generation family business who are devoted to designing sarees. Our beautiful, elegant pieces are a reflection of the skilled artisans and craftsmen who have been with us for generations. If you are looking for traditional, authentic, and Indian ethnic wear – Vardha is the brand for you – where every thread has a unique story to tell.


When it comes to our brand, we believe in keeping it real. Our sarees are more than just a wrap; they are a promise of quality and authenticity. Every piece is customised and stitched to perfection. So, when a woman chooses Vardha, she chooses care, precision, and attention to detail.Adorning a Vardha is all about tapping the inner wisdom and being beautiful effortlessly.


Vardha was established with a clear vision: the assurance of quality with a touch of wisdom. We are wholly honest and transparent about our products and their specifications. Every thread that we weave or the fabric that we use pleases the design sensibilities of our consumers. We not only create with a sense of beauty but also with a purpose – of inviting others to know more about sarees and what goes behind our manufacturing and design processes.

Our aim is to share wisdom with women and give them the confidence to pick the perfect saree. When you decide to invest in our vision,you are not just buying a beautiful piece of textile but also contributing to the social empowerment of women.


Dressed in golden, our logo spells royalty, whereas the crafting of the letter ‘V’ reverberates Vardha’s uniqueness and style. For a saree brand that is firm in its roots, our designs are simple and subtle, in a way that accentuates a woman’s true beauty instead of defining it.

 That’s who we are – Vardha, standing beautifully tall for all things wise and all things woman.


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