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Chiffon Silk Sarees - House of Vardha

Chiffon Silk Sarees


    Beautiful Beginnings

    The legendary Chiffon was a prized, expensive fabric for the elite- from 17th century France to China, and desired by royalty in India. Silk-like, alluring and woven of alternating S- and Z- twists, this fabric is lustrous and sheer.


    Fine Fabrics

    Envelop the chic sarees around you to feel spectacular. Adorn these delicate drapes that possess a medium-stretch fabric and moisture-wicking capability that keeps you cool even under the most humid conditions.

    Redefining Features

    Soft and feminine, this saree is flattering for all body types and tones. Look your best in warm and cool shades, and complimentary colours, the drapes offer high breathability and low heat retention that lets you move around freely.



    Add a stylish belt, drape it in butterfly style, or even over a lehenga for added flair. Match it with medium-light accessories.


    Insert a protective cotton ball if you’re styling with safety pins. Store within muslin or protective saree covers.


    Ideal for evening functions, festive celebrations, and grand festivities like Holi, Diwali, and more.