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Kanjeevaram Sarees - House of Vardha

Kanjivaram Sarees


    Beautiful Beginnings

    Kanjivaram has been omnipresent in Hindu mythology, and the sarees are passed down through generations. The opulent fabric is crafted with layers of fine silk to render delightfully soft, silken, and stunning drapes.


    Wonderful Weaves

    These sarees attract attention: with deep, rich traditional motifs and lavish golden Zari embroidery. They’re quite heavy, yet rest smoothly against your skin, and enhance your ethereal beauty. Their design is inspired by nature or cultural motifs.


    Redefining Features

    Primarily woven into silk, this weave has fine, intricate Zari (in multiple variants of gold, copper, and silver) all over the saree, enhanced with minute designs and motifs. Medium to dark colours and warm shades work well with Kanjeevaram.



    Adorn floral Juda on your hair. Add medium-large gold, silver, stonework, and Zari-complementing jewellery.


    Shield from direct sunlight. Dry clean and store away in muslin fabric or butter paper, separating the layers.


    Perfect for grand and formal events. The eye-catching weave works wonderfully well for wedding receptions too.