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    Beautiful Beginnings

    Invented in 20th-century France by Madame Georgette De La Plante, Georgette is strongly striking and comes in both translucent and opaque forms. The fabric is widely used in high fashion and traditional Indian wear.


    Fine Fabrics

    With a Crepe-like twist and bounce, Georgette sarees make you look graceful and compliment your figure. They are uniquely crafted with left-hand and right-hand twists, resulting in a subdued, crinkled appearance and matte-looking fabric.


    Redefining Features

    Georgette is lightweight with medium stretching and high breathability. The fabric comes alive in light and dark solid shades and lends a mattified look to your shape.



    Pair with medium gold, stone, pearl or light silver jewels. Add a Bindi to fully compliment your look.


    Avoid leaving on hangers. Store in a cool, dry place and separate the layers with a muslin cloth.


    Perfect for festivals and informal events. It is also ideal for meeting loved ones, and morning or afternoon events.