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    Beautiful Beginnings

    Though a status symbol in 12th-century Gujarat and Maharashtra, traces of Patola have been found in the Ajanta caves too. It is a sign of wealth and finesse, with the fabric fertilising a rich trade throughout Gujarat.


    Wonderful Weaves

    Created with the double Ikat method of threading, these silk drapes are intricately patterned with Gujarati-inspired animal and bird-figured motifs and are treasured for their vibrant, statement-making designs.


    Redefining Features

    In traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani colours, these weaves have lightly-coloured threadwork all over, with heavy Zari or threads in the border and pallu. The primary colours used are shades of green, red and yellow.



    The Gujarati style pallu is preferred to showcase mesmerising patterns and colours.


    Dry clean and keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a muslin cloth.


    Ideal for poojas and other religious occasions. Drape it during ethnic and traditional festivals.