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Katan Silk Saree - House of Vardha

Katan Silk Saree


    Beautiful Beginnings

    Originating in Persia and adored by royalty, Katan is fine, exquisite silk that was mainly worn by royalty or the elite. The luxurious fabric is now prized for wedding wear given its sheer opulence and eye-catching twisted weaves.


    Wonderful Weaves

    The woman who adorns Katan commands attention with the richly detailed yet desirable soft feel of the fabric. Crafted by master artisans, these sarees are treasured keepsakes too. Half-and-half tricolours work wonderfully with Katan.


    Redefining Features

    The weaves give a mesmerising slab effect to your saree with an appearance of small to medium and alternating darker lines. Silk is primarily used for this weave and adorned with medium Zari work with Butta designs.



    Opt for contrasting blouses with pallu in different colours. Pair with light and unique jewellery.


    Prevent prolonged sun exposure and do not hang them. Wrap it flat within layers of protective paper or muslin.


    Perfect for casual, festive events and informal social occasions. Don the weaves for casual get-togethers too.