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    Beautiful Beginnings

    From Indus Valley to the times of Alexander the Great - Bandhani has been relevant throughout history. A speciality of the Gujarat and Rajasthan region, it is created by pinching small pieces of cloth, tying, and forming tiny plucking patterns.


    Wonderful Weaves

    Bandhani sarees are vibrant, dyed with natural colours, and feature small intricate patterns of dots. The tying is done either by hand or using a metal ring. The result is a light, soft-to-the-touch saree.


    Redefining Features

    The pot dyeing method gives a captivating C-shape colour merge effect. Zari and multi-coloured threadwork are used to enhance the weave, while vibrant natural colours and contrasting colours are used.



    Wear it in the form of a traditional Gujarati pallu, or pair it with a lehenga for a Navratri-ready look.


    Shield from direct sunlight. Wrap within layers of butter paper or cloth.


    Perfect for weddings and Indian festivals like Dusshera, Utravan, Navratri, and more.